The Native Cultural Art  Instructor will work through project step by step to ensure consistency and to develope quality control standards. The instructor would also develope interest in traditional art by culture exchange, share artistic traditions, and to ensure product  presentation. Final product would be natural earth friendly gifts and to ensure culturally appropiate use of organic materials. Some culturally important uses of traditional art are healing, mind and spirit, providing cultural education, protect, sharing, harvesting,  and preparing cultural values for present and future use. Nancy would like to offer services for First Nation learners in a cultural safe environment to raise awareness of Aboriginal issues and promote a new relationship of cooperation and a sharing of knowledge. The traditional art would be critiqued by knowledgeable people at juried shows, reflecting various stages of an artist in their development.

There are four elements to cultural authenticity which are the participation of aboriginal people, aboriginal techniques or methods, portrayal of local customs and culture, and local community involvment. There has to be a balance between sustainability and authenticity. Make sure the products are representative of our culture and never lose sight of what we are offering to the public – authentic aboriginal products. That is what everyone is coming all over to see what is being done. My certificate of Authenticity would state; The design contained in this frame is an original craft made using traditional methods and organic materials from Mayo district of the Yukon Territory. Crow Lady crafts , Nancy Hager is a member of the Na Cho Nyak Dun First Nation, and a certified Native Cultural art Instructor. The design is copyrighted and reproduction in any form requires permission from the artist.

The Elders would be involved in the authenticity of the product, as they are guardian of aborignal culture. They represent continutiy of culture, and are a source of spiritual strength. In the end the teachings will have authenticity and integrity, being developed in a sensitive way. The use of animals on the land and resources will satisfy the community who will then support your business. The children and youth can be prepared with values and skills by learning their traditional art to continue on.

The instructor will show you what product to make for your customer. How much do you charge for your service or price. Where does one distribute the product. How you advertise your produce and what technology you use to do that. The main rule is get to know your product as you will be promoting it every time someone asks a question. The instructor did a successful job in teaching when the student comes out with a top quality project. The world will then be ready to buy your product.

  • Moosetufting workshop at Commissioners Pottlatch in Whitehorse, YT 1999
  • Moosetufting workshop Cultural Week at Pelly Crossing Campus, Pelly Crossing, YT
  • Moosetufting Workshop at Arts, and Business Training at Pelly Crossing, Pelly Crossing ,YT 2001
  • Moosetufting workshop at yukon Riverside craft show in Dawson City, YT 2004
  • Moosetufting Workshop at Trondek Culture Day at Cultural Centre, Dawson City, YT 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010.
  • Moosetufting , porcupine quilling, fishscales, mask making, beading, birch cards, dancing, language, painting, feather painting teachings at Eliza Van Biibber School, Pelly Crossing, YT 2009
  • Moosetufting workshop at Mayo Riverside Art Show in Mayo, YT 2009, 2010.
  • Prince Charles Visit to Mayo, YT in 2001 at craft display
  • Moosetufting workshop in 2010 Olympics in Vacouver,BC
  • Moosetufting workshop at Adaka Cultural Festival in Whitehorse, YT 2011
  • Moosetufting, Fishscales, Porcupine Quilling workshop By Bachelor of Social Work, Yukon College students at Ethel Lake, YT 2011.
  • Moosetufting workshop for Na Cho Nyak Dun at Northern Tutchone Days in
    Mayo, YT.  2011, 2007
  • Moosetufting workshop on May Days in Pelly Crosssing, YT 2011

    Commisioners Potlatch – Whitehorse, Yukon