About Nancy

received_718453702033824Nancy Hager was born in Mayo, Yukon on December, 1952. Nancy is part of the Crow clan. She was brought up by her grandmother and grandfather, Mary and Edwin Hager. Mary Hager (Kendi) was born  the Old Crow region, 1907,  to Julius and Persis Kendi(Sha’tra’). Edwin was born in 1908 to Robert and Eliza (Jimmy) Hager.  Nancys’ mother and father are Lizzy and Julius Hager.

She went to school in Mayo finishing grade 10, then she went on to Victoria, BC to graduate from St. Anne’s Academy.  In 2009, Nancy graduated from the Native Cultural Art Instructor Program at the Portage College in Lac La Biche Alberta. In 2015/6,  Nancy is taking the Business Entrepreneurial Course at Mayo campus to improve her business. In 2018 Nancy graduated from the Artisan Entrepreneurial Program at Portage College. She is available to teach others who would like to learn cultural arts and crafts.

Nancy was involved in education at the Na Cho Nyak Dun First Nations for 25 years as a Education and Training Coordinator, NND Crow Councillor, Language and Culture Coordinator, NND Liaison with Kiewit & Sons, the NND Employment, Training & Community Economic Development Liaison, Alexco Resources Liaison, and Binet House Supervisor. She also served her community as NND Deputy Chief, and NND Acting Chief.

Nancy got interested in the Arts and Crafts, such as traditional First Nations (native) beadwork in the late 70’s which she made slippers, mukluks, vests, mitts, and  baby belts.  She loved moose tufting art and learned how to do it herself. Though this art was self-taught, she did a video with NEDAA – Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon, which is available at Portage college.